Last Day of School

Thursday was the girls' last day of school! I can't believe that we now have a kindergartner and a 2nd Grader! Seriously, how does time move so very fast?
Jozy graduated preschool this year and is a total rock star! Mrs Judy claims Hozy is the sweetest girl and the best helper. Those are so very not surprising, but how quickly she emerged from her shelf was. Before school she was always a little shy but by the end of school she was making friends with anyone and everyone. I'm excited to see what kindergarten holds for her. 
Favorite subject: centers
Best friend: Avery
Favorite color: purple
Teacher: Mrs. Judy
She wants to be a unicorn explorer when she grows up!
First grade was a big adjustment for Ladybug, but she came through with flying colors. She developed some great friends, learned a lot about life, taught her class and teacher about animals, developed a love of reading, and started finding herself. I didn't think 1st grade would be so full of emotions, drama, and love triangles. But our girl, weathered the hurricane  with only a few bruises. I'm so thankful for her teacher and all the patient love she gave Ladybug through some rough patches. Here's hoping 2nd grade is more of a spring rain. 
Favorite subject: science
Best Friend: Degan
Favorite color: pink
Teacher: Mrs. Proud
She wants to live in the juggle and save animals when she grows up! 
Here's to a long summer filled with fun and all three of our girls!!!!!

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