Raising Blondes with Redhead Attitude

Raising Blondes with Redhead Attitude

Thursday, July 28, 2016

I confess.....

Lets starting by aaying, I confess that.my blog has taken a back burner the last couple months. I am however trying to get back into the swing; so today I am linking up with Thursday Confessions 
I confess.....

That I am so very ready for fall. I'm not really an insane heat person and anything above 75 is ridiculous to me. I want cooler weather, sweaters, pumpkin patches, and the.gorgeous colors! 
We took only the big girls mini golfing last night and it was amazing! I love Button but I enjoyed having just the big girls. It was refreshing and we all laughed so much our stomachs hurt. 
Also mini golf ended up being a cross between outdoor bowling, hockey and just plan goofing off.
This child's coffee addiction is out of control! I have to literally hid my coffee each day! 
I'm going to back to school this fall and I'm terrified. I keep second guessing myself and wether it's the right move for our family! 

Friday, July 15, 2016

18 months

Oh man, baby girl the last three months have been fun! You have crazy personality and are so full of life! There is never a dull or safe moment if you are awake! 
Here are a few of my favorite things:

You are all about about the swings and higher is better!

You've also developed an obsession with the camera and "taking" pictures!
You have the cutest little personality and are all about that sass!!!
To quote Aunt Becci "you can't be trusted!" You certainly have a mind of your own. 
You hate dresses but to your dismay its too hot for anything else. 
As a matter of fact you'd rather be naked and do everything in your power to be. 
You are still a cuddled! 
You love making everyone laugh!
You've developed a nurturing spirit!
You have also found the "i do it!" stage! Your independence is crazy!
Your sisters are still your favorite
You love to watch the rain storms
You have really started to play. I love watching you with your dolls, stuffies and dragon. 
You climb into or onto everything!
Hide and seek is a new favorite!
The trampoline is the bomb in your world
You are exhausting and unstoppable 
Seriously, there is never a dull moment!
Your favorite foods are watermelon and chips. Unless candy is around!
You love to help with chores. 
You also have an animal obsession. 
Though camping was not a hit with you. 
You love to climb on to big girl beds and tuck yourself in. 
But I love how you greet me each time from your crib. 
Baths are your jam. 
You are always up for anything especially if it means being outside

You are a Papa girl. 
Those curls, WOW!
you are also a little fish. 
And there is so much more....
You are learning to make friends. 
And the love of ice cream. 
You also love cars or anything you can pretend is a car. 

You also still really love your baby. 
There are so many things I've loved this last three months and its been a blast watching you bloom. I anxiously look forward to the next three months!! Happy 18! 

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Summer catch up

Its been a crazy summer filled with fun memories. I haven't had much time to blog, so here's a little recap. (Fingers crossed that I can write more detailed ones soon!)
We started summer with a father's day weekend camping trip! It was crazy but so much fun. The girls all had a blast too!
Hubbins did photos for Relay for Life and us girls spent the day cheering on the runners! They also had some great activities for the kidsos! 
We went to Helena for Independence day and then to my brother's for fireworks!
We've also had lots of fun hanging with family and friends. We also celebrated hubbins cousin's wedding! 
The girls were so well behaved at the watching and it was great to see hubbins extended family!
We've filled the weeks with parks, library fun, swimming, sand boxes and laughter!
I'm excited to see what the last half of summer holds!!!

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Independence hangover

Joining confessional Thursday today!
I confess...... 

That I still haven't recooperated from the 4th of July weekend fun! I feel like we went nonstop with family celebrating, a wedding, and all the fireworks. I firmly believe the day after should be a day off too! 
I'm super sad to see school supplies being put out in stores! I'm not ready to think about the up coming school year and do not appreciate the reminder! 

I feel like we should get mom rewards! For example I did a months worth of grocery shopping yesterday with a cranky toddler and an overly helpful 7yr old! But not only did we all aurvive, we had some fun. Boom mom award time! 

Speaking of my shopping trip, Button was over shopping and sitting in the cart about five minutes in. She wanted all the fruit and wanted it now. So I snagged one of those $1 Oreo snack cups and gave it to the girls to share as we shopped! Please tell me, I'm not the only one who does that? 

What's your confession?