18 months

Oh man, baby girl the last three months have been fun! You have crazy personality and are so full of life! There is never a dull or safe moment if you are awake! 
Here are a few of my favorite things:

You are all about about the swings and higher is better!

You've also developed an obsession with the camera and "taking" pictures!
You have the cutest little personality and are all about that sass!!!
To quote Aunt Becci "you can't be trusted!" You certainly have a mind of your own. 
You hate dresses but to your dismay its too hot for anything else. 
As a matter of fact you'd rather be naked and do everything in your power to be. 
You are still a cuddled! 
You love making everyone laugh!
You've developed a nurturing spirit!
You have also found the "i do it!" stage! Your independence is crazy!
Your sisters are still your favorite
You love to watch the rain storms
You have really started to play. I love watching you with your dolls, stuffies and dragon. 
You climb into or onto everything!
Hide and seek is a new favorite!
The trampoline is the bomb in your world
You are exhausting and unstoppable 
Seriously, there is never a dull moment!
Your favorite foods are watermelon and chips. Unless candy is around!
You love to help with chores. 
You also have an animal obsession. 
Though camping was not a hit with you. 
You love to climb on to big girl beds and tuck yourself in. 
But I love how you greet me each time from your crib. 
Baths are your jam. 
You are always up for anything especially if it means being outside

You are a Papa girl. 
Those curls, WOW!
you are also a little fish. 
And there is so much more....
You are learning to make friends. 
And the love of ice cream. 
You also love cars or anything you can pretend is a car. 

You also still really love your baby. 
There are so many things I've loved this last three months and its been a blast watching you bloom. I anxiously look forward to the next three months!! Happy 18! 


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