I confess.....

Lets starting by aaying, I confess that.my blog has taken a back burner the last couple months. I am however trying to get back into the swing; so today I am linking up with Thursday Confessions 
I confess.....

That I am so very ready for fall. I'm not really an insane heat person and anything above 75 is ridiculous to me. I want cooler weather, sweaters, pumpkin patches, and the.gorgeous colors! 
We took only the big girls mini golfing last night and it was amazing! I love Button but I enjoyed having just the big girls. It was refreshing and we all laughed so much our stomachs hurt. 
Also mini golf ended up being a cross between outdoor bowling, hockey and just plan goofing off.
This child's coffee addiction is out of control! I have to literally hid my coffee each day! 
I'm going to back to school this fall and I'm terrified. I keep second guessing myself and wether it's the right move for our family! 


  1. That is very exciting to be going back to school. I would be nervous too, but you will get into the swing of things quickly. That coffee mug photo is just too darling. Love girl dates.


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