Independence hangover

Joining confessional Thursday today!
I confess...... 

That I still haven't recooperated from the 4th of July weekend fun! I feel like we went nonstop with family celebrating, a wedding, and all the fireworks. I firmly believe the day after should be a day off too! 
I'm super sad to see school supplies being put out in stores! I'm not ready to think about the up coming school year and do not appreciate the reminder! 

I feel like we should get mom rewards! For example I did a months worth of grocery shopping yesterday with a cranky toddler and an overly helpful 7yr old! But not only did we all aurvive, we had some fun. Boom mom award time! 

Speaking of my shopping trip, Button was over shopping and sitting in the cart about five minutes in. She wanted all the fruit and wanted it now. So I snagged one of those $1 Oreo snack cups and gave it to the girls to share as we shopped! Please tell me, I'm not the only one who does that? 

What's your confession? 


  1. I think we should get mom rewards too. Sometimes getting my twins out together by myself needs a huge reward. It is tough. I have opened snacks at the store to occupy my girls. One is more go with the flow and the other is more high maintenance, so whatever you have to do to keep them calm. Thanks for linking up.


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