Goodbye Papa

Dear Papa-
I wish that I knew you longer, that I had taken more time to sit with you. You were and will always be one of the greatest people to bless my life. You had such deep and unwavering faith that inspired me. You truly touched my heart and will leave an everlasting print there. 

But more than that, I am grateful that you helped to shape the man I married. His foundest childhood memories are of you and Mim. Of the orchards, the trees, the house and the endless supply of love. I sometimes wish that I could have seen you and him back then. You taught him so many lessons and helped him grow into such a wonderful man. 

I'm also grateful for the memories and love you shared with your great granddaughters. They love you so deeply and will cherish those moments laughing with you for their whole lives. 

I wish we had more time and that Button would have some of those heartwarming memories. But I know that God has called you home and that you will be watching us. Our girls have a new and wonderful guardian angel and for that I'm beyond thankful. I'm so grateful, Papa, for all the time we got and your unwavering faith. 

Thank you for blessing my life and loving me despite my flaws. 

I love you and pray that you have found your peace. 

Love you granddaughter in law


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