When life gives you thunderstorms....

Learn to dance in the puddles!
Its been a week, a no good very rotten week. I'm exhausted and emotionally stretched thin. I'm also trusting in God or at least doing my very best too.
So after last night's crazy storm, we went on search of epic puddles. It was the most refreshing and giggle inducing fun. It was needed and afterwards we all felt the stress drip away. 
Life is hard sometimes and the storms of our life tend to feel too powerful. But they always leave behind puddles. Some small ones that easily fade and some big that change your scene for awhile. 
You have two choices then. Stay inside until the puddles are dry and things get back to normal. Or embrace the splash. We choose to jump, run, dance and splash big in those puddles. 
There is always going to be another storm and it will come with its own puddles of change. You have to decide whether to jump in our stay dry. 

 I really just wanted to share our fun and how we feel refreshed from the storm. Linking up with: 


  1. Looks like a wonderful time! Sending positive vibes for a better week!

    1. Thank you. It was a great time and the week is looking up.


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