15 years

I remember the day it all happened. I was in early morning basketball practice when a teacher rushed in to talk to our coach. Practice ended instantly and we were all sent to the school library. It was in that room, on a tiny tv surrounded by my peers that we watched the second plane hit. The rest of the school day was spent in home room glued to a TV as we all tried to really grasp what happened. 
We watched as the horrific events played out and mourned for everyone involved. I remember feeling like our world was shattering as the towers feel and the fear at hearing about the attack on the pentagon. A mixture of pride and loss as we learned about the Pennsylvania flight. We all went home at the end of the day shaken, scared and confused. 

But in the days that followed our country came together and out of the horror heros emerged. Out of the chaos Americand united. An attack that was meant cripple us, brought our country together. We were no longer Democrat or Republican, we were American. We were not black or white, we were American. We were not male or female, Christian or Atheist. We were not all the things that are currently tearing us apart. We were American; we were strong, proud and above all united. 
People from all walks of life were mourned that day. People from every diversity ran in to help. 
I look around today and wonder what happened? When did we lose sight of what it means to be American? What our flag, anthem, and the red white and blue stands for? 
15 years ago today our Nation was attacked but out of the ashes we united. I encourage you to take a moment today; pray for the lives lost and the ones forever changed. Stand in silence for the men and women fighting for us each day; not just our military but all emergency personnel as well. Stop and remember where you were that day when the towers fell and remember what you felt as history unfolded. 
15 years ago we were united. 


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