21 month update

You still love the swing but scream for higher, higher!
You are so beyond stubborn! 
And the sass, oh man the sass! 
You love Daddy time, especially playing video games with him. 
You discovered dress up. 
And you love to explore. 
You have also started pretend cooking and offering mommy your food. So cute!
You also discovered the joys of puddle jumping and conquering your fears!
teeth brushing is your jam
And you got special time with Papa, who crazy adored you. 
You loved your first giant fort! 
And love to help with chores. 

You are so full of adventure. 

Fires and trucks make you crazy happy!!! 
You have a knack for slowing down to smell the flowers. 
You got your first archery lesson b
You are happy 99% of the time. 
Feeding the ducks is a favorite activity b
Peanut butter is an obsession. 
You conquered new heights at the park. 
You are the cutest little coffee addict! 

You discovered the joys of a good leaf fight and pile 
You are now obsessed with bandaids! 
Duckies are still your jam, though froggies are a close second. 
You loved the pumpkin patch and have grown so much in a year. 
You have your first best friend! 
You and great grandpa Davis fell in love at first sight! 
You are the cutest nosey neighbor/dog watcher. 
You love your sisters something fierce and hug them with.serious force! 
Happy 21 months baby girl! I love your sassy adventurous self! 


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