Button's Third Birthday

This picture popped up on my time hop today and it seems so strange that it was 3 years ago already! Button, you've always had a mind of your own, been a crazy fighter, and stubborn to the bone! You are most defiantly your own person and crazy fierce. Your second year of life was no different and it was so much fun. 

You've conquered so many things this last year from potty training to speaking full phrases. You are incredibly smart and often times use your intelligence to make mischief. I hope to always remember the little "treasures" I find hidden through the house, the countless times I've found you hidden somewhere or getting into something you aren't suppose to. Its exhausting but often times hilarious. You, little Button, are our rebel girl for sure and will rule the world one day.
But you are also incredibly sweet and friendly. It has been so much fun getting to hear all your stories of best friends from daycare, and watching you jump in to help whenever someone is hurting. You pass out booboo kisses like its your job, and snuggling is your jam for sure. Though your favorite friends are still your sisters. 
You are also brave, and adventurous. There is no gap to big to jump, thing to high to climb, or adventure you aren't up for going on. You love to climb, and explore the world around you. Your fearlessness and curiosity often gives me heart attacks and headaches. But I hope you are always this way,
Baby girl, I love you so incredibly much and even though you give me a run for my money, I wouldn't change a second. I can't wait to see what happens in this coming year and how amazing the 3's are going to be!


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