The Truth About Being a "Girl Mom"

I am going to put in this disclaimer now.......I am a girl mom. I do not have sons. I was raised in a home filled to the brim with brothers, and I am insanely close to my nephews. However, I am fully aware this doesn't give me the inside track of boy mom life. But then again, my post isn't about that. It's merely about my experience as a girl mom and how it often......OK, hardly ever.......fits into the "girl mom" mold. 

I have no doubt that raising boys comes with its own level of chaos and obstacles, but I always feel like girl moms are painted to have it easier (aside from drama issues that it). Raising girls is suppose to be all about tea parties, snuggles, and playing dolls. While raising boys is all about wrestling, mud, and all things wild. I mean really?!

I have 3 girls, and each has its own difficulties. Each one also has its own interests, level or drama and amount of chaos. But in truth none of them really fits into the "perfect" girl picture. So let's see what it's really like........

Yes, we do have at least a hundred accessories from hair bows to jewelry. And all of my girls LOVE their earrings. But our littlest is the only one that really cares. Actually, she is the only that has ever had any interest in hair bows and she does insist her hair is cute before she will leave the house. Our oldest keeps her hair short because then there is no fuss. Our medium loves her long Rapunzel hair but HATES and I do mean HATES having it brushed or in anything but a simple braid.

Yes, we do have bins filled with dress up items. They include superhero uniforms, capes, dragon outfits, Maleficent, a carpenter apron, tools, and more along with the normally princess dress up things. We have dolls, unicorns, pretend make-up, stuffed animals galore, and even a tea set!!! But my oldest is all about things she can build, coding, robots, and Legos. Our medium girl's favorite toy is her superhero school, and bat-girl van. And Button, well she loves basically everything. But if I'm honest makeup, and girly things are her jam. That is as long as she can still be a wild child in it all. She loves to climb high, scare the crap out of me 100 plus times a day by doing things that she psychically shouldn't be able to, and jumping in every mud puddle is her life mission.

Our girls rough house, love a good fart joke, and on a whim can behave like the craziest of monsters. They may love pretty dresses, and frilly things but it wont stop them from making mud castles or playing cops and robbers with the boys.

The point is that most of those "boy" things are girl things too and really its all a "mom" thing. I'm 99% sure that boys have their own share of drama or love to cuddle now and again. It's all really a kid thing and we all need to stop comparing them. Boys or Girls can be scientists, or artists. Girls or Boys can love monster trucks and dress up.

The best part of being a "girl mom" is getting to teach my daughters how to break the glass ceiling. I get to show them that gender doesn't define their personality, abilities or interests. In the car this morning Button wanted to be a butterfly princess, Jozy wanted to be a Unicorn/wild animal healer, and Bug was a Dragon warrior. We have raised our girls that they can be whatever they want and that being a girl shouldn't ever slow them down.

Whether you are raising girls, boys, or both teach them to embrace whatever it is they love. Because in truth we are all just moms.


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